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To RETAIN your best people & RECRUIT the best talents, you need a CULTURE that develops their STRENGTHS, encourages their ENGAGEMENT & communication, and enhances their productivity. 

Karin Guterman

Working with founders & startups in growth stages to build  strengths-based cultures

"Like a teenager who gets up one morning
to find his body matured, when inside he's still a child."

This is how a leader in a growing unicorn once described to me how he sees his company tha suddenly grew and developed, but its culture and routines remained the same ("it suddenly doesn't work anymore").

In order to build a startup for effective and stable growth, one that will make it a successful company, you need o establish a strong and healthy culture.
It's not magic, and it isn't just a trendy "techy" buzzword.

What is strengths-based culture?
It consists of the norms and habits, methods and tools, that are known and adopted by the company's people.
It starts with the leaders. They set the standards of communication in the way they convey their messages, set and deliver expectations, share their vision and the 'why', give daily feedback, and also interview, recruit, build and lead their people.
Organizational culture is also how employees develop within the company. From interviews, through onboarding, personal and professional development paths (IDP) and every step of the way.

Organizational culture is reflected in the way people communicate internally in the company. What is communicated, how, to whom and when. The language, the style, the slang and so on...
And finally, an organizational culture is reflected in the way the company is perceived in the eyes of its potential candidates, or in other words, its employer branding.

In a hybrid, fast-paced, dizzying employee market, there are those who run for quick fixes to try to grow "here and now." But to grow effectively, a broad perspective on the organization's growth is required. A perspective that takes into account all the factors that influence the success of growth today, and in the future.

I work with companies in Israel and abroad, managers and entrepreneurs in building a strategy for establishing an organizational culture for growth.
My services includes, among others:
Examining all the factors in the company and building a strategy and plan to execute accordingly, workshops tailored to the relevant needs, personal training for managers, internal organizational communication mechanisms, consulting in the field of employer branding and employee branding.

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Karin Guterman
Consultancy Consultancy

A little about me:

With 15 years of cross-disciplinary career (programming, product, legal consulting in a leading firm, global transaction management, entrepreneurship, marketing, personal branding and employer branding) I come to startups, leaders and founders with a set of practical and effective tools and methodologies that I've researched, built and implemented to establish an organizational culture based on strengths. Research clearly shows that such a culture is a key to maximizing business results and building a winning company.
I believe in 'accuracy' and 'awareness' as significant tools for personal and organizational development, along with a strategic understanding of the needs of the company and the value that each person can bring it. When people are the ‘best version of themselves’, they produce maximum value with minimum effort and resources, while having fun and being satisfied. 
It strengthens their engagement, while turning them into the company’s natural ambassadors.
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